Morgan silver dollar value chart

Of course that does not mean that all uncirculated Morgan dollars are cheap. Depending on the date and mintmark, prices for a coin can range from about $30 to $10,000 or more. Our guide will show you which coins are common and which coins are rare. Morgan Silver Dollars all have .7735 ounces of silver in them..

1880 Proof: 1,355; $3,250+. Remember, the multiple die varieties listed above represents only the most common of those that are attributed to 1880 Morgan Silver Dollars. Those who closely follow the major VAM (Leroy C. Van Allen and A. George Mallis) varieties have found many more die variations and often catalog the values of these separately..

0.77344 t oz Face Value $1 USD Mintage 27,397,355 The 1880 Morgan Silver Dollar has more major attributed die varieties in the Morgan Silver Dollar series than either the 1878 or the 1879 Morgan Dollars..




The Coin Value Tablesâ„¢ trend data for Morgan silver dollars reflect the historic availability of numeric grades to describe coins. For the 1950-1975 rows, the values in the "G-4" column correspond to the "Good" listing of those years, "VG-8" corresponds to "Very Good", and so on. The "MS-60" column records the "Uncirculated" value ....

The coin values chart below is a comprehensive list of all 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar variations. It includes regular strikes (MS), deep mirror proof-like (DMPL), proof-like (PL), proof.